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Describe your idea – style, subject and size. It could be abstract painting, cityscape, landscape or any creature of your imagination. Show me paintings, photos or any images which are close to that what you have in mind.

 I’m going to combine or create a digital sketches. I will send you images and after your comments and requirements will complete your idea on a computer screen. Then it will be my pleasure to fulfill it in paint on canvas.

Sounds good?    Go ahead, drop me a line:   milen@milen.com

Last Testimonials:
Hi Milen
I have received my painting this morning. It is fantastic, beautiful art work and we love it.
Thank you very much, I will be in touch with you for more paitings

I just bought your awesome painting!

Thank you!

This is  an amazing piece and we love it!

Hi Milen,
well let me first say that we  LOVE LOVE LOVE the paintings you did!!!! They are simply wonderful!! The colours are so vibrant and rich in real life also. So very pleased we found you.
Anyhow, I still have to say we are blown away at how beautiful your pieces are in real life. I would recommend you in a heart beat!
Take care

Hello Milen,  think your website is wonderful!!  I can spend hours on it, just looking at all those fabulous paintings and wishing I was the one who bought them all, LOL!  I received my beautiful Waterfall print and it is stunning!  Immediately after opening the package, my first thought was “oh my God” they sent me the PAINTING, instead of the Print.  It is so beautiful I ordered another Print, an Abstract that I found quite stunning!  I’m afraid I may have to buy a larger home to accomodate all the wonderful Milen original paintings and prints,LOL!  Anyway…I would like to say that your paintings bring me great joy and I love having them in my home. I like to say they make my heart smile and as crazy as that sounds, everytime I pass one I get this lovely warm feeling in my chest and a smile on my face.  That is what “art” is all about, is it not…to bring you pleasure and mine do exactly that!!   Thank you so much…
LeeAnn  (Art Enthusiast)         More Testimonials….

What can Abstract Paintings do for You?

 ·       Boost your creativity:
Except for pleasing your senses and arousing your emotions, the abstract art you are striked by can get you in a creative mood. After visiting an  exhibition, having seen a whole floor of abstract paintings, you get home suddenly willing to make changes in your life.
·       Let the sunshine in:
Your soul demands Art. While gazing at Tuthankhamun’s golden mask – you are in indescribable ecstasy. Suddenly you feel that’s the best view in the world. But many pictures, statues and artworks, in general, can argue for the best view. Some windows as well 🙂
·       Empower your delicacy:
An  Art lover is very different than the person who hasn’t been in touch with Art. They are emotional, delicate and aristocratic. Richer in experience, culture and taste, they more easily give birth to a meaningful idea. They have the ability to make something different and challenging. Being in close contact with Art means being the best version of You.
These are the reasons why I create Abstract Paintings. Here creativity meets appreciation.
It is a natural phenomenon among sensitive souls.

If you are still reading, that means you are a unique artwork of the constructive universe.

Your life is a true masterpiece, in which no moment ever repeats another, every moment is original. You naturally long to express yourself, you are creative and you delight in Art. Challenge your senses with the art you can explore on this website. I submit for sale and approval original paintings to the connoisseurs and lovers of Art.

Humans delight in beauty, always, without exceptions. Art does not only please the eye – the sovereign of senses – it also presents and illustrates myths, legends, and stories. Leonardo Da Vinci thought that the artist is so elevated that he should be considered equal of the aristocrat, or the scholar, or the poet.

The Art paintings You find appealing is a spring of powerful emotions:

· Love: The joy, mystery and love of Mona Lisa, also called La Gioconda – The Merry Woman. That eternal Da Vinci smile…

· Hate: The sadness, drama, anger and pain of Guernica…that rebellious painting of the terror of war by Pablo Picasso…

· Madness: The wonder of the Yellow Room by Van Gogh…

But Art is not confined to inspiring masterpieces. No one knows who the next great artist will be. May be one day it could be You? Yes Art is for You! It is not just for Art lovers but for all people to react to. It is said, that success or failure is unimportant in creativity, what is important is the efforts the artist makes. Sensitive people have deep respect for creators. Painting, drawing, mosaics, collages, prints, photography, sculpture, video, painting and Art in general connects people. The necessity of Art sometimes resembles the necessity of food. The abstract paintings crave for can satisfy your aesthetic longings.

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