The Winner Takes It All – earth tones


Size: 45″ x 23″
Original abstract painting by Milen
Title: The Winner Takes It All
Style: abstract realism
Medium: oil, painted on canvas



The Winner Takes It All – abstract  textured painting on canvas,  modern contemporary, earth colors.

The Winner Takes It All earth tones and colors
◆ This is an original Artwork, handmade and with a Certificate Of Authenticity. Painted by Milen Tod.

◆ The Painting is ready to hang. No framing needed unless preferred.
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◆ 2300 paintings have been sold from this web site with 100% positive feedback. Buy with confidence.

The most wonderful abstract paintings sweep you off your feet and finish you, like a love novel does to middle-aged single women. The most imaginative pieces of work leave you believing God exists. Imagination is what makes a picture eccentric, original and unique.
Imagination stirs imagination, mind speaks to mind, feeling evokes feeling. Some pictures capture you and never let you go. There is a lovely feeling in painting museums, as if you are in a church, because millions of art lovers have breathed their sincere admiration into the air, and their hearts have sung “Hossana.”Whenever life gets you down, you can look at the abstract artwork on your wall, catered to you by artist, and it will remind you life is good and the universe loves you.

There is, always, an invisible connection between the one who paints and the one who perceives. It feels like the artist has conserved their emotions for all people, and for eternity. It feels like, while you are looking at the artpainting, it is also at the same time looking at you, like a mirror, a living being, both of you communicate, both of you get richer by the conversation. It’s definitely a love song, in which the artist confesses to the audience his deepest secrets, in which the audience builds an entire world based on their perception of the secrets.

Colors speak to the heart: imagine how you would feel, if there wasn’t the blueness of heavens, the green field, the variegated flowers on our motley planet. We are blessed with such a colorful Earth! The universe is a painter!