Evening shadows


Size: 46″ x 24″

Original abstract painting by Milen
Title: Evening shadows
Style: impressionist cityscape
Medium: oil on canvas


Cityscape impressionist abstract painting. Bright vivid colors red orange yellow painted with palette knife. Urban autumn city sunset.
◆ This is an original Artwork, handmade and with a Certificate Of Authenticity. Painted by Milen Tod.
◆ Not a print of any kind. Gallery wrapped canvas, stretched with staple free painted sides.
◆ The Painting is ready to hang. No framing needed unless preferred.
◆ But if your shipping address is in Europe, Australia or Asia you will receive the painting rolled in a tube.

◆ 2300 paintings have been sold from this web site with 100% positive feedback. Buy with confidence.

Passers-by will give you ideas for quick figure studies. People gossiping give lengthier opportunities to sketch. If the conversation is prolonged you can spend some time filling in details once the outlines of the figures are down on paper. There is also the added advantage of being able to work unobserved and in comfort. Street scenes can also be painted from windows. The houses opposite may inspire you, a row of shops or an inn.

If you live in a high-rise or work in a multi storey office block you will have a fascinating roof-top panorama spread out below of the town or city where you live or work. Don’t be put off because the subject matter looks so complicated. A jumble of roofs and chimneys, and buildings of many shapes and sizes can be daunting. The task of getting it all down on paper seems, if not actually impossible, certainly very time consuming. Do not attempt to sketch the entire View. Confine your cityscape paintings to one field of vision. Decide exactly what you are going to include in your composition.

The secret of success is to put in the structures in the immediate foreground first, either in outline only, or as broad washes corresponding to their shapes. The buildings in the middle distance can then be sketched in by relating their position to those in the foreground and similarly, those farther away can be related to the skyline. Only when the outline painting is complete and judged correct should you proceed to architectural details such as windows, chimneys and balustrades, etc.

Winter sunsets transform city skylines, throwing buildings into silhouette. Much of the detail is lost and because of this, their shapes are seen more readily, so simplifying sketching. Fog and mist also obscure irrelevant detail. Modern tower blocks make interesting patterns against skyline and at twilight, when they are brightly lit, make attractive as well as challenging subjects.

If you have access to a window, particularly a first floor window, which overlooks parkland or gardens, you will have an opportunity to paint trees at all seasons of the year without having to venture outdoors for the purpose.